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Texas Persimmon

Texas Persimmon

Made from wild Texas Persimmon fruits that were harvested by hand at our ranch over a period of several months.  These small grape-sized fruits must be picked individually over a long harvest due to the ripening patterns of wild Texas Persimmon trees.


This wine was aged over a medium-charred Texas Pecan wood after a 10-day primary fermentation that included the whole fruits & skins.


Of all our wines, this one most closely resembles a traditional red wine with a lighter body but darker color. You will find strong earthy notes with hints of fig and molasses in this very unique, midnight-black colored wine. 


Best served at room temperature


11% Alc/Vol


750 ml




*Due to licensing requirements, we are currently only able to ship to Texas and California. We are actively pursuing permits for the remaining states, thank you for your patience!

  • Local Pickup

    Enter Promo Code: Sonora

    Then pickup at our Gate Box the next business day after 1 pm!

    2051 Loop 467

    Sonora, Texas

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