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“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”     
-Benjamin Franklin

Meet Our Winemaker


Austin Glasscock


Originally I am from a small farm town in central Ohio. After I graduated high school I joined the United States Marine Corps. I served five years as a Recon Marine and Scout Sniper. 

I left the United States Marine Corps in 2020 and that is when I began my home winemaking adventures. It has always been my goal to run my own business and after starting to experiment with home winemaking, I saw an opportunity to put my passion to work. 

Our goal is to create wines that are truly one of a kind. Made from the spiny red fruits of the Prickly Pear cactus that grow all across the American southwest, our Prickly Pear wine is unique in every way. But we aren't stopping there, we are expanding our wines to several other native Texas fruits so that we may capture the true essence of the great state of Texas.

Prickly Pear Photo.jpg

About Our Winery

Our Prickly Pear fruits are harvested by hand from our ranch here in the Texas Hill Country. I personally handpick all our fruit to ensure only the best candidates make it into our wine. Our goal at Wild Texas Wines is to capture the true essence of our great state by delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor in these truly unique wines. We are a proud fourth-generation Veteran Owned winery.


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Sonora, Texas



(740) 507 6670

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