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Sweet Prickly Pear Wine

Sweet Prickly Pear Wine

Made from prickly pear cactus fruit that was hand-harvested at the winery and then aged over native Texas mesquite wood. This batch was sweetened with Organic Blue Agave nectar, highlighting its fruity characteristics while also smoothing out its finish. Truly one of the wildest wines on the market today! An unprecedented flavor profile that proves refreshing as a brunch wine on those hot summer days! Resembles a traditional white wine, crisp, and light.


Best served chilled!


11.5% Alc/Vol


750 ml


Semi-Sweet (5% Residual Sugar)


*Due to licensing requirements, we are currently only able to ship to Texas and California. We are actively pursuing permits for the remaining states, thank you for your patience!

  • Local Pickup

    Enter Promo Code: Sonora

    Then pickup at our Gate Box the next business day after 1 pm!

    2051 Loop 467

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